Thursday, January 26, 2012

Completed Project: 1970s Betsey Johnson High Waist Pants

When I moved back to North Carolina almost 9 months ago, I unintentionally lost a lot of weight due to stress and other factors. I found that all of the pants and trousers that I'd put so much time into making no longer fit, which left me without a few essential wardrobe basics. So now, along with looking for thrifted vintage pieces, I'm trying to sew and build up my wardrobe again (with a 1970s slant, of course)! I used Butterick #3846 (a "Young Designer" pattern by Betsey Johnson) to make this pair of simple high waist pants:

Do forgive the dark and pixelated photos! I am well in need of a new camera (and some natural sunlight)!

I omitted quite a few details from the original design and opted to keep these pants extremely basic. I thought the extreme high waist fit and wide legs made enough of a statement. The original pattern design included huge patch pockets over the hips, round applique patches at the knees and a detachable bib.

I wore these out to lunch today and received a few nice compliments. The fabric that I used is a lightly slubbed medium weight denim-look cotton that I purchased with a huge lot of patterns at a local sale. I thought this type of fabric would be perfect for the transition from winter to spring - not too heavy or too light. The pants have a front zipper, wider than usual waistband and button closure.

I will definitely be wearing these often and I'm so glad to have a basic pair of high waist pants in my wardrobe again!

Fabric - approximately $1.00
Zipper - approximately $2.00
Pattern - $6.49 from Granni Gert's Attic @ Etsy

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sewing....How I've Missed You!

I can't believe this, but it's been almost 10 months since I've posted anything here on my sewing blog. Without going into specific details, let's just say that I've been going though a major life change and I'm now a single mom working full-time. It's been extremely difficult and sewing (sadly) hasn't been a major part of my life recently. I feel like I've missed out on so many possible sewing projects and not being able to sew as much as I used to has been like suffering a huge I've had a creative hole in my life for the past 10 months.

Things are looking up, though! I have a new project in the works and my goal is to start sewing and posting here regularly again. Here's the pattern I'll be using, an amazing Betsey Johnson of Alley Cat pattern, circa 1974:

I'll be making the high waist pants, without the detachable bib, from a nice lightweight dark denim chambray, perfect for the transition from winter to spring. Definitely time to start thinking about a home sewn spring wardrobe!