Saturday, September 12, 2009

Maternity Leave

Hi Guys! I'm taking a break from this blog to prepare for the impending birth of my son (he's due September 30th, but could arrive any day now!). Plus, my mom is flying in from North Carolina in a few days, so I have lots to do to prepare for that! I'll be back soon, hopefully posting more sewing projects and less vintage sewing ephemera, since this is technically supposed to be a sewing blog. :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Vintage Sewing Patterns of the Week!

This week's patterns are all new additions to my own collection. All of them are very easy-going, bohemian 1970s styles - the type of clothing that I seem to always be attracted to!

A really rare design by Kenzo that I'd never seen before tripping across it on Etsy. The pants design is so rad! All of the separates require leather/suede binding, which I'm excited to work with!

A John Kloss babydoll dress/top pattern that I've been lusting after for a very long time. I'm SO happy to finally be able to work with this one!

Gil Aimbez designed a lot of patterns for Butterick in the late 1970s. This one is for a fab batch of separates. I love the huge cowl neck top, skirt and vest!

Tunic blouse and wide-leg pants pattern by Kenzo. Kenzo has ultimately become my favorite of the 1970s Butterick Young Designers.

This pattern falls perfectly in line with my Rhoda obsession! Great layering pieces for the fall, plus a headscarf!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1970s Fashion Icon: Valerie Harper as Rhoda

I have been obsessed with the 1970s television show Rhoda lately. I've been watching episodes from the first season on Hulu. They are all so funny and smartly written. In fact, I can't think of a single television sitcom today that even comes close to the amazing array of characters that populated most 1970s sitcoms in general!

Valerie Harper as Rhoda was a true 1970s fashion icon. She totally rocked high waist, wide-leg pants, butterfly collar blouses, puff sleeve blazers, floaty hostess dresses, scarves and turbans! She even earned her living as a window dresser / fashion merchandiser!

Here are a few vintage 1970s sewing patterns that remind me of Rhoda's amazing style. All were found on Etsy!