Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Few New 1970s-Inspired Designs!

Finally! Here are a few fun new designs that I finished recently. As most of you know, I have an unabated love for all things 1970s (especially 1970s fashion), so these are both inspired by my favorite decade!

Babydoll dress made from all upcycled and vintage materials. The bodice are sleeves are made from bright pink polyester double knit. I used an upcycled vintage 1970s bias wool plaid skirt for the skirt. The embroidered collar and button are vintage, too! Currently available in my Etsy handmade shop.

Cozy pullover top. The oversized cowl collar, sleeves and waistband are made from vintage poly/cotton stretch knit fabric. The bodice is made from what was once a 1970s button-front shirt. Currently available in my Etsy handmade shop!



  1. Love the way you are combining different material and patterns. The dress is my favourite.