Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Completed Project: Waves Print Dress

This was a relatively speedy project for me! The total time spent cutting out and constructing was a little over 2 hours....because I didn't have to construct or hem the skirt!

I used an early 1980s pattern for the bodice, which is made from black ponte knit (the best knit fabric in the whole wide world to work with, by the way!). It has puff petal sleeves and I added a white embroidered floral collar to brighten up the bodice. The skirt is actually an upcycled vintage 1980s rayon skirt that I thrifted a while back. I love the crazy squiggly waves print and the bright primary colors! Altogether, a quite satisfying project for a very time-strapped person like myself!


  1. fab, love the style contrast between top and bottom and those sleeves are so awesome! totally inspiring! Thanks for having me on your reading list!:)



  2. That is one wild dress! The fabric on the bottom is very cool.

  3. Love this! I think the collar sets it off nicely.

  4. Oh, I love this!!!! Love the squiggley lines on the bottom of the dress and those colors. The lacey collar looks so pretty too! :) Beautiful!

  5. This is awesome! I adore those sleeves!!

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