Friday, March 23, 2012

Shorts....with lots of fashion zing!

No, my latest sewing projects haven't been 1970s glam rock era hot pants (although the View 4 leopard print hot pants are very tempting).......but I have been sewing a lot of shorts!

My wardrobe is seriously lacking in this spring and summer wardrobe staple. In fact, I used to hate wearing them. But with a two year old boy who constantly wants to play outside, well, let's just say that dresses and skirts aren't the most appropriate attire for me to wear while accompanying him on his adventures!

I finally purchased this downloadable scalloped shorts pattern from Pattern Runway on Etsy! Only $9.50 and going to a good cause, in my opinion (YAY for independent pattern designers). I hope to start these this weekend and my plan is to make them with a dark blue crinkly linen fabric that I thrifted a while ago.

And I actually finished making View C from Simplicity 3850 from the Wendy Mullin "Built By You" pattern series several days ago (hope to post here very soon). I think it's obvious that this pattern would win the award for the absolute worst pattern envelope illustration ever.....the shirts are covering up the cute waistband, belt carriers and pocket design details! So thank goodness for simple line drawings:

Hopefully these shorts will fulfill a few spots in the "wardrobe basics" section of my closet and I can move on to sewing a couple of fun and frivolous designs next!


  1. I've seen that pattern before. Thinking of trying it myself.

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