Saturday, July 12, 2014

"Carefree Patterns From McCall's" Catalog - April 1973

I just nabbed a lot of 35 McCall's, Simplicity, Butterick and Vogue mini catalogs / pamphlets on eBay, all from my favorite decade - the 1970s!  I just love these little pieces of vintage sewing ephemera and, since this particular decade seems to be more reviled than revered for its fashion legacy, it appears that I might be able to continue amassing a collection that won't break the bank (I got all 35 for only $5.00!).  

Are there any fellow 1970s fashion enthusiasts out there?  If so, then this is for you!  I've scanned the "Carefree Pattern From McCall's" issue from April 1973 for you to feast your eyes upon!  This seems to be a special cute couples-themed issue and, unlike most of these free mini catalogs, this particular issue contains no text of write ups about the fashions.


  1. the 70's are totally my favorite decade as well! I found Stretch and Sew catalogues in Portland a while back and love the 1970's illustrations

  2. I am a major fan of the "Miss Vogue" line of patterns from the 70s. I love the stylized artist drawings with the strong horizontal of the eyes and the bow lips, replete with shag haircuts and trendy footwear! Judging by prices, I am not the only one with this fondness. None the less, I have quite a collection.