Saturday, September 12, 2009

Maternity Leave

Hi Guys! I'm taking a break from this blog to prepare for the impending birth of my son (he's due September 30th, but could arrive any day now!). Plus, my mom is flying in from North Carolina in a few days, so I have lots to do to prepare for that! I'll be back soon, hopefully posting more sewing projects and less vintage sewing ephemera, since this is technically supposed to be a sewing blog. :)


  1. Congrats and enjoy your baby!

  2. Miss Dandy, is that you?
    I found your blog when I looked up designer "Holly Harp" in Google Images.
    I'll enjoy looking through your blog while you take a break, and many, many best wishes for you and your baby!!!

  3. YES - It is I!!! Hi Miss Gretchen! :) So cool that you found my blog through the Holly Harp search! As always, vintage (1960s & 1970s)fashion and sewing are all-consuming for me...and now I have a little boy on the way. He will be dressed in clothing that I make from 1970s sewing patterns - I can't wait to make him his first pair of corduroy bellbottoms...he will surely hold a grudge against me later for this! Thanks for the nice words, and it was seriously SO NICE to hear from you!!!

  4. YAY for corduroy bellbottoms! Oh, wouldn't it be great if you found some fabric in child-size graphics of a horse galloping across the plains with a sunset behind it, in shiny polyester, for a shirt. . .(that's an image from my junior high days in the early 70s I can't forget!)

    Take good care of yourself, wishing you an easy delivery, and I'll check back in here soon!