Friday, September 3, 2010

Fashion Icon: Diane Keaton as Annie Hall

This was inspired by a post on 70s New York Fall Style from the cool fashion blog Stars We Are.

I love 1970s fashion, especially the layered, sophisticated and liberated American style of 1970s New York. If I could swipe the wardrobe of any movie character of any era, it would be the wardrobe worn by Diane Keaton in Annie Hall which embodies this 1970s New York style.

Technically, the title of this post really should just be "Fashion Icon: Diane Keaton" because the outfits she wore in Annie Hall were all inspired by her own distinctive style. Here's a collage that I made from various photos of Diane Keaton and scenes from Annie Hall which, if you haven't already, you should find and watch immediately (click to see the full-size collage):


  1. yay for Annie Hall and Diane Keaton! It's such a shame she's kind of fallen by the wayside. Her house is gorgeous, though, I saw it in a magazine and was blown away by her library.
    Such a bizarre film but still good. Let's not forget to give Ralph Lauren a little credit as the costume designer!

  2. What a pleasure to have found your blog. I was a young woman when "Annie Hall" was released and loved both the film and the costuming. I still incorporate some 70's shoe styles into my wardrobe. I'm looking forward to reading more here.