Sunday, October 31, 2010

Betty Oatmeal @ Etsy

Earlier today, I was "window shopping" around Etsy, looking at what's new from a bunch of my favorite sellers. One of my all-time favorite sellers is Karen Davisson of Betty Oatmeal, whose garments are made utilizing vintage sewing patterns and a mix of reclaimed and upcycled fabrics. Her designs are always really stunning, but these western shirts completely knocked my socks off:

Everything is so perfect about this. From the pink piping to the smocked fabric cuffs to the floral fabric to the images of Loretta Lynn. I freaking love this!

Another work of wearable art. More like a masterpiece, actually! Truly inspiring.


  1. Brillian shirts!

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  2. What wonderful work-I am in awe of the designer.