Monday, January 31, 2011

1960s Fashion Inspiration: Who Are You Polly Maggoo?

From Criterion: After nearly a decade as American Vogue‘s most subversive fashion photographer, William Klein made this wild, pseudovérité incursion into the world of Parisian haute couture. Elegant, scathing humor ties together the various strands of this alternately glamorous and grotesque portrait of American in Paris Polly Maggoo (Dorothy MacGowan), an Alice in Wonderland supermodel who becomes the pinup plaything of media hounds and the fragmented fantasy of haunted Prince Igor (Sami Frey). Klein’s first fiction film is a daring deflation of cultural pretensions and institutions, dressed up in brilliant black and white.


This is one of the penultimate fashion movies of the 1960s. According to William Klein, Dorothy MacGowan retired from modeling after this movie was released. The amazing Peggy Moffitt also puts in a few cameos (see below). All screen caps were done by me - please enjoy! Please click on the images for a closer view - it's worth it!

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