Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year, New Sewing Goals

Shame on me for letting my blog sit idle for a whole month! In my defense, the holidays were insanely busy (as always) and I have been kind of preoccupied with my Tumblr blog, which has been a fun place to post numerous scans of fashion and sewing photos that I have collected over the years. Plus, BurdaStyle has a really fab blog over there too!

So it's a new year and, as usual, a new year comes with new goals - new sewing goals to be specific! I've already finished my first project of the year - a dress made from a 1970s Jane Tise sewing pattern (which I will post tomorrow). So I'm well on my way towards my new goal of finishing at least 2 sewing projects a month. This may sound super-easy to many of you but, as a mom to a newly walking and talking toddler, it's pretty difficult to find the time (and the momentum) to sew anything more complicated than a skirt.

A second big goal of mine is to start creating and posting sewing tutorials here. I already have lots of ideas jotted down in my journal. Many of the tutorials will involve working with vintage and upcycled clothes and other materials. Tips on how to thrift and sew on the cheap will be a big factor in these, so please stay tuned!

My third goal is to continue posting photos of my personal style & outfits, at least 2x per week. I think I've actually posted 2 photos since I first stated that I was going to do this several months ago. Time to hold myself accountable!

And, lastly, I want to spend more time visiting other sewing and fashion blogs. Inspiration and admiration are great motivators! If anyone has any suggestions for some fantastic sewing and fashion blogs to check out, please let me know!


  1. I'm keeping a lil distance between me and resolutions - I could want a lil too many things if I let myself:)) Wishing you good luck with meeting yours, as long as it's fun why not!:)

  2. I think two sewing projects a month is pretty good going! I was conservatively aiming for one, though once it gets to Winter, all I want to do is knit knit knit...