Saturday, March 23, 2013

"Te Amo" - Look of the Day

My first post in about 3 months!  I hope to be able to do more of these "look of the day" posts.  You see, I work as a cook during the day and I kind of live for shedding my kitchen scrubs and dressing up every afternoon when I arrive home.  Plus, I suppose this will be the last time I will be able to wear a plaid wool skirt and grey over-the-knee socks and get away with it before the slight winter chill is gone and Spring is here for good.

None of my look is handmade, but the bias plaid skirt is definitely vintage 1970s.  Scored with an entire armful of similar skirts all at once during a lucky pitstop at the Goodwill in Black Mountain, NC last fall (and they all fit, too)!  The awesome "Te Amo" Han and Leia shirt was definitely love at first sight and is from We Love Fine which has nerdy t-shirts at decent prices and awesomesauce customer service too!  The skinny belt is from Banana Republic from, like, 13 years ago.  The combat boots by Espirit are just about as old.  You see, when you're poor you tend to make your things last....

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