Friday, July 23, 2010

Finished Project: 1970s Chambray Dress

Here's the first completed projected from my whittled down sewing pattern collection: a denim chambray dress with contrasting yellow stitching and buttons! The total cost of materials, including the vintage pattern, was around $12.00. The 100% cotton fabric is quite wrinkled in the photos; I've been wearing the dress all day and it's super-comfy!

Now for the truth......I don't know what to think about this dress just yet! It was easy enough to sew (although the front placket and collar band gave me some minor troubles) and it's insanely comfortable to wear, I'm just not sure if I like the "tubular" shape or the side slits or the curved hem. I don't think the tubular shape is particularly flattering for someone like me who has a curvier figure. A belt will probably solve the fit issues, though. Oh! And here's my next project:

I'll be making view A (without the bow, though) and will use the plaid cotton fabric pictured above; the contrasting yellow fabric will be the collar. Hopefully I'll have it finished by this time next week!


  1. I love it! My first thought..."Wouldn't a wide yellow belt look great with this dress?" You did a great job sewing it. Looking forward to seeing your next project. Happy Sewing! :o)

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  3. I think a belt would help as well...otherwise it is quite lovely.

  4. I think the yellow buttons look perfect! What a great choice! This looks so comfortable and fun to wear. I can't wait to see what the blouse will look like. Lovin' the pattern, I hope it comes out great :) nice plaid!!!!

  5. OK, late to the party, as usual.

    As another curvy girl who has walked into the tubular-dress trap a time or two, may I suggest something?

    The pattern does not appear to have bust darts. Try adding bust darts. I know it has gathers, but most adult women are going to need a little extra room. I have dresses I've made that technically fit me despite their lack of darts, but stuff with darts always fits me far better.