Saturday, July 3, 2010

Round Two: Separates, Skirts, Pants, Coats, Jackets and Accessories Patterns

I weeded out more of my pattern collection today. Here are the various accessory, skirt, coat/jacket, pants and separates patterns that I've decided to keep (and I just realized that all but one are circa 1970s!).

Separates are the best because they give you more bang for your buck! I love the jacket/blouse with the fitted midriff, the flared skirt, the Bermuda shorts, the pants...well, everything about it!

I adore the wide leg pants in this pattern - they are very reminiscent of 1940s style pants. And what girl doesn't need a simple wrap coat to compliment her wardrobe?

Really pretty raglan sleeve blouse, wide leg pants and flared skirt.

I like the fact that this pattern offers two different styles of pants - wide leg and straight leg. The vest is cute, too!

Simple to make Betsey Johnson hooded coat/jacket that could be adapted for many different seasons.

I'm in love with the over sized pointy collar on this 1970s coat! The fact that it was designed by Betsey Johnson also helps.

Reversible hooded poncho for those rainy days.

I know, I know - this is very similar to the Betsey Johnson pointy collar coat, but I love the fact that this coat has a hood and utilizes extra large buttons!

I've made the drawstring skirt before and I still want to make the wrap skirt with the super-wide waistband. Not a huge fan of the long tiered skirt, but the other styles make it worth keeping.

Every seamstress needs a fitted pencil skirt pattern in her collection! I had several, but this is the one I decided on.

Cute A-line skirt and flared skirt pattern. Both are must-have basic wardrobe separates.

This pattern offers lots of different skirt styles, which made it a definite keeper.

I used this pattern to make several quick cotton shorts for the spring and summer. Easiest pants pattern ever and, even though the only closure is a drawstring at the waist, they are very flattering!

I wanted to keep this one, not for the purses, but for the obi wrap belts!

My only hat pattern. Not a huge fan of the scarf/billed hat, but I love the floppy brimmed hat and the fedora style hat.

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  1. These are terrific. I wear skirts quite a bit and just finished a wrap skirt. I especially like the hat pattern too.