Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Look Inside VOGUE PATTERNS Magazine - July/August 1975

Here's a look inside another fabulous 1970s issue of Vogue Patterns magazine! This one is the July/August 1975 issue so it has a great mix of summer and early fall fashions. Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge them so you can read the text!

Does anyone know who this model is? She was absolutely everywhere during the 1970s...she did lots of modeling for Vogue patterns and I think she was a favorite of Halston too!

I have a hard time believing what this ad claims...that double knit fabric can be made to feel and look like linen, silk, etc. I swear it's just not scientifically possible!

This is an interesting side note on how Sonia Rykiel finishes the hems on her couture garments versus the Vogue technique.

This issue introduced Karl Lagerfeld / Chloe patterns into the Vogue patterns cannon.

"Fall Firsts" in glorious plaid!

A brief profile of Sonia Rykiel. Her pattern run with Vogue was quite limited, I think. I do know that her patterns are super-rare and highly collectible, though!

I love the detailed line drawings included with these designer pattern layouts. It's hard to see most of these details in the model photos.


  1. The green dress at the end is my favourite. Fabulous!

  2. It's funny, as a child of the 70's, I thought those styles were outdated and ridiculous when I was younger. But now as an adult I can appreciate the long flowy fluid silhouettes and easy style of the 70's. I like them, too!

  3. Thanks for posting all these scans! The cover model is Karen Bjornson. She made a comeback recently-- you can see her on some current Vogue Woman patterns.