Friday, July 2, 2010

The First Cut is the Deepest: Blouse and Top Patterns

I've started to pare down my large pattern collection to a smaller and much more seamstress-friendly collection and - WOW-OH-WOW - it's been really difficult.

I began with blouse/top patterns. I tried to cut them down to 10 patterns to keep, but blouses and tops are really important for someone like me who wears more skirts and trousers than dresses. So ended up with these 12 (and a good variety of styles, I think):

Awesome 1940s blouse. My favorite is view 2 with the sleeve cuffs and large buttons.

One of my favorite blouse patterns ever! I made the "Into the Woods" blouse with this one so I just have to keep it so I can make more like it.

Just a really simple and classic 1970s blouse pattern. It's timeless, actually!

I'm a big fan of slouchy 1980s t-shirts, so I had to keep this one. I've made several of the view 4 tops (love the boat neckline) and they are super-comfy.

1970s babydoll blouse pattern. I actually thought I no longer had this before going through my collection to pare it down!

Another 1980s slouchy top. I love the raglan sleeves and the gathered neckline.

Classic 1960s mod blouse with a couple collar and sleeve variations.

Another 1940s blouse pattern. I'm a sucker for bow tie collars.

Okay - yes - this is the 3rd slouchy top pattern of the bunch. But this one had a hood and an optional kangaroo pocket so I need it. I really do!

Simple 1960s sleeveless blouse pattern - another timeless basic for the collection.

I really like the different style variations of this 1980s pullover blouse pattern. Lots of sewing possibilities with this one!

I have a great affinity for Wendy Mullin and her Built By Wendy line. I'm actually getting rid of many of her Simplicity Built By You patterns, but I had to keep this one because it's a racerback tank top pattern and who doesn't love to wear those during the spring and summer?


  1. I think you picked a good selection. I actually really like the 6106, since I also like slightly slouchy knit tops, especially in cold New England winters.
    I'm glad I haven't made myself go through my patterns in awhile. It is quite painful when I see how many patterns are NOT in my size.

  2. Absolutely love the sixties blouse with cute collar!