Monday, August 16, 2010

"Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans...."

I don't know which John Lennon song this quote is from ("Beautiful Boy", maybe?) but it kind of sums up my sewing activity as of late - tons of plans to sew like crazy, but no time to follow through because, well, life doesn't just conveniently pause for a moment (or several hours) just because we want to make a dress, does it?

While rummaging through a box of patterns that I have queued to put in my shop, I found a cool 1970s Vogue poncho pattern with a list that was jotted down by the original seamstress, as well as a newspaper ad for a big sale on Pendleton wool fabric:

Like myself (and many other home sewers out there), I'm sure that this person had the best of intentions to start and finish this project. She made a detailed list of notions, fabric and lining that she needed to purchase to complete the project. She even clipped out a sale ad for Pendleton fabric, (which would have been a stellar choice for a poncho, by the way). How do I know she never made the poncho? Well, the pattern is still factory folded and the list and ad were both neatly tucked inside, never to see the light of day until 40 years later. It makes me wonder what happened? Why didn't she follow through or even begin the project? Like many of us, I suspect that the answer is simply: LIFE.

Here's a scan of the Vogue poncho pattern, by the way! Isn't it lovely?


  1. great poncho pattern. the previous owner's elaborate planning scribbles and the fact that the pattern wasn't touched sounds the whole thing a bit haunting. you should re-post this around Halloween! :D

  2. i meant to say - 'makes the whole thing sound a bit haunting'. i really should start reading back my comments before posting them.

  3. I googled Rhoda fashion and came across your blog. I'm loving it! I just subscribed

  4. that poncho is amazing! just found your blog...i like the sixties/ seventies vibe. it makes a refreshing change! i'll def be back here.