Thursday, August 5, 2010

Miss Dandy Designs at iNDie Boutique!

Here's another reason why I don't ever have time to sew for myself....I'm currently consigning one-of-a-kind clothing that I make to an amazing local downtown Springfield boutique called iNDie! All of the clothes that I make for iNDie are specifically made from pieces of upcycled vintage clothing. Here are a few of my most recent designs (which I dropped off at the shop today!):

1970s style mini dress. The skirt, decorative button and armhole trim are are made from pieces from an upcycled 1970s floral corduroy skirt. The sweetheart bodice is made from organic cotton and the flutter sleeves and belt are made from a really pretty green cotton.

This pullover top is made from a chopped up rainbow striped vintage 1970s top. The original top had a seriously pointy butterfly collar that just had to go! The cuffs, neckband and waistband are made from white cotton knit and the back of the top is made from vintage lime green butterfly print knit fabric.

Babydoll top with puff sleeves and a wraparound belt. I used fabric from the most amazing vintage 1970s African print maxi skirt to make this top! I found the skirt at a local estate sale a couple months ago. I don't wear maxi skirts and bought it with the ultimate intention of using the bold print to make something else.

I plan to finish my Marilyn trousers this weekend but, after that, I'll have to put all sewing for myself on hold for a while because the Apple Cider Days festival is just around the corner! Camille at iNDie has reserved two booths there where she will sell things from local designers and I want to have lots of things made for it!


  1. I would have loved the pointy collar! lol Monique xx

  2. The baby doll top is fantastic, you used the print in a really nice way.

  3. The mini dress is amazing! & Thanks for linking to my blog :)

  4. I love your refashioned garments. Your combination of prints and colours is beautiful! and this isn't an easy skill to master! You have a real eye for good combinations.
    And thanks for your nice comment on my blog.