Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Japanese Pattern Books - Potentially Dangerous to Your Wallet!

I just found an eBay store that could be seriously dangerous to my wallet! The store is Pamadour24 and they offer a dazzlingly large selection of Japanese craft and sewing books. Although I have yet to actually purchase a book from them (they have a 100% positive feedback rating with 15,000+ sales!), here are a few sewing pattern books that are on my wish list:

Cute Clothes for Adults. Includes 25 full-scale dress patterns.

Fashion From Cinema. This one looks amazing!!! Includes full-scale patterns for dresses, skirts and blouses from films like Driving Miss Daisy, The Young Girls of Rochefort, Edward Scissorhands, Bonjour Tristesse and many more!

Sewing Pochee Vol. 7. 41 full-scale patterns for bags, crafts and clothes.

LINEN COTTON GAUZE LACE CLOTHES. The clothes in this pattern book look like they would be so easy to make and so comfy to wear! 25 full-scale patterns for clothing and accessories.

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  1. I have bought from this seller and it was a great experience. I have two Japanese pattern books and can't read Japanese... But I have made one dress from one of the books, sizing up from tiny to plus size, and all in all, it worked out pretty good. I had some issues with the arm holes, but that is my fault.