Sunday, August 23, 2009


I found some great vintage patterns at a thrift store today, which doesn't happen too often! My only complaint - this particular thrift store likes to mark across the front of the envelopes with a black china pencil.

This one escaped the wrath of the black china pencil! I often find vintage patterns that are in girl's sizes that I really like. I've had success drafting & sizing a few of them up to my size and I'm hoping to do just that with this one!

This pattern somehow escaped the wrath of the china pencil as well! If time allows, I hope to make this cute overalls & jacket outfit for my son when he is officially a toddler.

1970s hooded coat pattern. I have a bunch of wooden toggle buttons that I need to find a use for!

I hate to admit it, but I grabbed this pattern solely for the E.T. hot iron transfer that was inside.

I'm a big fan of 1970s high waist wide-leg pants! Plus, the little topper jacket is SO CUTE (although I would lengthen it quite a bit).

From the 1970s McCall's "Marlo's Corner" pattern series. I've always loved empire waist dresses, especially ones with a bohemian flare like this one. If I'd found this pattern a little earlier in my pregnancy, it would have made a cute maternity dress!

"Meditation or Guru Shirt" pattern from 1968. This is so great! I love how it's modeled as a mini-dress in View 1.


  1. ET hot iron transfer! There are not enough words for how much I want that!

    The pencil thing is supremely annoying. Our local goodwill insists on throwing all their yarn and ribbon and gubbins into a skanky old shopping cart, so it becomes an unusable tangled mess. Kills me every time.

  2. Thanks for commenting! :) I was so fascinated with E.T. when I was a kid (I was 5 when it was originally released). Actually, I'm pretty sure it was the first movie that I ever saw in a theater.

    I'm going to have to make a point to ask someone about the purpose of marking patterns with the black china pencil next time I'm at that particular thrift shop. It's like craft supplies are the very lowest of displaying priorities at thrift shops!

    I bookmarked your Etsy shop - you have a really nice selection of patterns!