Monday, July 20, 2009

My Latest Etsy Faves

Here a few handmade items from Etsy that I am completely in love with right now!

Double t-shirt dress by takeoffyourclothes. Made from two XL grey t-shirts and so very inventive!

Shroom Gloom dress by MeltBrianna. Vintage mushroom cuteness appliqued onto a vintage dress!

My Lil Runaway Doll by romawinkel. I really love Roxy Marj's whimsical illustrations. They're even better on fabric!

MONARDA - Upcycled leather bag by hoakonhelga. A really clever way to recycle discarded leather jackets. Also reminds me of my 1980s childhood!

Sewing Nerd vinyl decal by holly. I MUST have this for my car!!!

Keyboard Zipper Pouch w/Detachable Ring by ILikeItTooToo. I've been meaning to buy one of these cute keyboard zipper pouches for over a year. Michelle uses upcycled and vintage fabrics in all of her designs!

Hostess Dress - newly made from vintage fabric - by VintageVacations

. There is so much discarded 1970s polyester fabric in this world just waiting to be transformed into something cute & wearable, like this pretty space-age style dress for example!


  1. Greetings from Austria.

    Please visit me back.


  2. Grandma Daisy here,
    Bruce and I love watching your online adventures.