Monday, June 14, 2010

Completed Project: Vintage 1970s Halter Apron Dress

Remember the pattern that I wrote about in this post? I finished the dress last night and wore it today! It only took about 5 hours from start to finish (although not in one sitting, which is impossible to do when you're the mother of an 8 month old boy!).

The fabric that I used is a vintage cotton calico printed with teeny-tiny cherries and daisies. And - get this - I've had it for 10 YEARS!!! So sad. I've been sewing for a little longer than that. This is why I am busy stash busting! The trim/straps and over sized pockets are made from an organic white cotton that I got on clearance from a big-box sewing store a while ago.

I usually don't put patch pockets on anything that I make, but I decided to this time, and I'm glad that I did! I trimmed each pocket with a 1" fabric covered button. Also, I think I have officially found the perfect photo-taking spot, which is outdoors in our backyard against the house. Usually I take photos inside against a gray wall, but the results have been hit-or-miss lately.

The back of the dress is gathered with elastic. I had to shorten the elastic so it would take in the dress more; it was a size 16, which is the perfect pants/skirt pattern size for me, but always ends up being way too big in dress patterns.

I think this dress will make a smooth transition from summer to fall as a layering piece to wear over long sleeve tops and tights. Self-Stitched-September, here I come!


  1. Super cute! Now when do we get to see the playsuit version? ;D
    Good for you doing some stashbusting.

  2. Thanks! I'm not sure the playsuit version will ever be made...too many other projects are currently on the fire! :)