Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Look Inside VOGUE PATTERNS Magazine - May/June 1975

I lucked out about a year ago and won an auction on eBay for 20 issues of Vogue Patterns magazine for only $20.00! And all of said issues are from around 1973 to 1979, so I am going to slowly but surely share them all with you! Here's a peek into the May/June 1975 issue.

You can tell that home sewing was a big deal during the 1970s from the amount of money (lots of beautiful on-location photography and detailed styling) and care that was put into each issue. The featured model in this particular fashion editorial (shot in "Mystic India") is a very young Jerry Hall! Remember to click on the photos to see them full-size - you won't want to miss all of the amazing details of these fashions sewn from Vogue patterns!

The three photos above remind a lot of the cinematography from the 1970s Australian film Picnic At Hanging Rock. Everything is so blatantly romantic and Jerry Hall is stunning!

The epitome of 1970s bohemian-chic! The close-up of the first photo was used for the cover of this issue - I NEED those platform sandals, by the way! The horse print batik fabric used for the hooded caftan above is amazing!

Gorgeous evening dresses. The orange dress was made from a Jerry Silverman designer Vogue pattern. The photo of Jerry Hall in the green dress is my favorite one from this issue!

Amazing hot pink halter top, high waist pants and jacket sewn up in fuchsia pink cotton. I love how the male model in all of these photos is basically just a prop. Ha ha!

Introducing a new bunch of designer patterns from Giorgio di Sant'Angelo - robes and dresses that are specially designed to be made from sheets! I'm pretty sure Vogue's translations of Sant'Angelo's designs were limited to the 2 or 3 in this issue - he had a very short run with Vogue, so I guess they weren't very popular.

And now for a few ads! There's an ad for Qiana by Du Pont in nearly every issue that I own. Same with Trevira fabrics, whose illustrated ads are so pretty!

I have a few spools of 1970s Coats & Clark Dual Duty thread on that trademark gold spool just waiting to be used. I seriously doubt that any advertiser today would dare put so much text into an ad!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! You're right - the old Vogues put a lot of effort into their articles, and who doesn't love a good foreign locale?
    My favorites are the first three because they're so Edwardian inspired, and I really wish there was a pattern for the man's outfit!